Training Data that gives you results

for Your Unique Application

Ship your models faster with less computing while achieving better ML performance.


The Power Of Customized Data

Data Optimization: Boost Performance, Minimize Hallucination.

  • Save compute, Perform Better

    Train models with high-quality, purpose-specific data that uses less computing and delivers better results.

  • Manage Hallucination

    Deliver an unparalleled end-user experience while minimizing hallucination through domain-specific data and guardrails.

  • Retain Your Data Privacy

    Establish your in-house models on your private cloud, providing a reliable backup along with enhanced data privacy.

Case Studies

Customers consistently achieve breakthrough ML/LLM results by pairing their own data with our tailored solutions.

  • Open-Source LLM/ML Training Data

    Not getting the expected results from your fine-tuned ML/LLM? The problem might traced back to unclean, ill-formed, or insufficient training data. We provide training data designed to boost your ML application's performance. We support mutiple iterations, the adjustment of your data, and actively engage in reviewing and validating the results with you.

  • Natural Language Access to Your Proprietary Databases

    We help your business and operations teams query databases quickly and get the answers they need without having to learn SQL or NoSQL. We offer seamless integration and plug-in support for data warehouses and data lakes including Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL Server.

  • Fine-tuning and Guardrail Data for Agents

    Support your startup's lean security team with an automated sec ops agent. This autonomous program can integrate seamlessly with your current cybersecurity infrastructure, efficiently handling alert overflows and conducting thorough investigations. This frees up your team's valuable time and efforts, all without the necessity of a pre-existing playbook.

  • Enterprise-Grade Chatbot Designed for Your Use Case

    Deliver engaging customer experiences with chatbots. We help you convert your domain-specific raw data into rich, multi-turn chatbot conversation training material. We iterate with you until the dialogue style meets your expectations and clears the knowledge and edge case evaluations.

  • ... and all your other Data Transformation & Collection Projects, no matter how big or small

    Examples of projects include, but are not limited to, audience targeting for YouTube/Twitter advertisements, deduplication of e-commerce products in search results, extraction of bimodal attributes from e-commerce products, time series forecasting for FMCG sales data, anomaly detection in AWS CloudWatch logs, etc.

Our Popular ML Consultancy

The top choice of rational teams seeking to expedite progress. Delivering performant, sensible, and easy-to-maintain ML solutions is our commitment to you.

  • Custom ML Applications Development

    Various families of semantic parsing, such as text-to-SQL, question-answering, attribute extraction, machine translation, and others, as well as targeted ad delivery.
  • High-Volume Data Processing

    Pipelines for streaming data ingestion and real-time processing, including data cleaning, delimiting, deduplication, and recalibration.
  • Database Integrity and Deduplication

    Advanced deduplication for improving search result fidelity through similarity detection and data quality assurance. This is critical for operational efficiency and cost control.
  • Autoscaling for ML Workloads

    Handling of large-scale batch jobs, job queues, and unexpected demand surges by scaling compute resources.
  • Hypothesis A/B Testing

    Design of experiments and execution. Make decisions about variable selection, control groups, and segmentation.
  • Training Dataset Synthesis

    Datasets for academia and industry using both synthetic and human-in-the-loop methods.
  • Advanced Simulation and Modeling

    Upon request, use tools from probability theory, including Markov chains, queueing theory, and reliability analysis, to simulate real-life phenomena.

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